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Onyx Infosoft is managed by technical professionals with decades of industry experience. The technical aptitude of our managers enables us to comprehend the goals and career paths of each and every employee. We take pride in assigning individuals to projects that are valuable stepping stones in their journey to the apex of their careers.

We recognize the importance of hiring quality professionals and follow a rigorous recruiting process to hire candidates for our company as well as for our clients.

Our 3 step recruiting process consists of telephone screening, technical test / interview and personal interview.

  • Telephone screening : We speak with all candidates to assess both their hard and soft skills. Qualified candidates are scheduled for in-depth technical interview or online technical tests.
  • Technical Test / Interview: Depending on the skillset of the candidate a technical interview is conducted by one of our senior staff members or an Online Technical Assessment Test is administered using Reviewnet. Review net is an online technical knowledge checker that measures current proficiency, not potential ability. The test evaluates expertise in a specific technology rather than the ability to learn a subject. If the customer requests it, we can also administer customized tests.
  • Personal interview: When interviewing for a particular assignment, we share general aspects of the potential work with the applicant and gauge their interest in that type of work. We also look at their proven ability to perform, and whether they are a match for the customer's corporate culture. Also, we make extensive reference checks, look at past employment, educational history and technical competency.

We also realize the importance of knowledge sharing and mentoring amongst our employees and offer special benefits to employees who are ready to mentor other employees either on one-on-one basis or through classroom teaching.

Programmer Analysts for locations in New Jersey and elsewhere. Job Duties: Analyze, design, develop, test and implement software and web based applications using VISUAL BASIC, ASP,COM, MTS, IIS, XML,ORACLE,SQL SERVER ,MS ACCESS, WINDOWS. Some positions require at least 4 years experience, others a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or Engg with two years experience. Must have legal authority to work in the US. Excellent pay and benefits. Mail resume with proof of work status to: jobs@onyxinfosoft.com

Do you have a family member or friend looking for a job? Well why not refer them to Onyx Infosoft and GET PAID?

That's right! For everyone that is hired because of your referral to Onyx Infosoft for employment, we have a Referral Award for you!

Employee Referral Bonus Program


You can help Onyx InfoSoft, Inc. Inc, a friend, and yourself by participating in our Employee Referral Program.  If you are an eligible employee, you can earn a cash bonus of $­­­­­500 if you refer an external applicant who is hired to a designated, open, position in the firm.

Who is Eligible Employee?

The Employee Referral Program is open to all regular employees or staff. 

How do I Refer an External Applicant?

If you are Onyx InfoSoft, Inc., employee and know someone who is interested in the position forwarded to you or posted on our website, you should contact­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Rajeev Madur either via e-mail (rmadur@onyxinfosoft.com) or phone (770.904.3777) with the name and resume of the prospective candidate.

When do I receive the bonus?

You will receive your bonus after the new staff member has worked 90 consecutive days.  The new employee must be employed at our organization at the time of the bonus payment. 

Any fine prints?

Only candidates referred from external sources qualify for the bonus.  We sponsor this program and reserve the right to determine whether or not referred applicants are qualified/ eligible for open positions covered by the program. 

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